2010 – Newfoundland’s South Coast

Burgeo - Entering from West.
Burgeo - Highland in Background.
Burgeo to Ramea - 5 miles out.
Fortune - Change of Crew.
Fortune - Hats off at Lunch.
Fortune to Hare Bay - Kids watching for whales.
Francois - Foggy Day.
Francois - Mike and Flem with Dinner.
Francois - Passing Fishing Boat.
GB - Calamity in Grand Bruit Newfoundland.
GB - Calamity looking East.
GB - Falls.
GB - Hills Outside Town.
GB - Looking West.
GB - Lucy at Cramalott Inn.
GB to Burgeo - Alf in Cockpit.
GB-Lucy Standing in Pond.
Grand Bruit - Entering from West at Green Buoy.
Grand Bruit - From Bridge looking to Ocean.
Grand Bruit - Last of the Locals on Wharf.
Grand Bruit - Outside Harbour on Western Side.
Gray River - Approaching Entrance.
Gray River - Looking Stern Back out the Cut.
Gray River - Seeing the Cut.
Grey River - Alf's Cookies and Boys Drinking Tea.
Grey River - Boys Fishing.
Grey River - Entering NE Arm.
Grey River - Halibut
Grey River - Looking at Fishing Lodge.
Grey River - Looking Down on Boat and Mike Rowing.
Grey River - Looking out Arm.
Grey River - Looking Stern Motoring In.
Grey River - Mike Fishing.
Grey River - Sailing Close Hauled toward the gap.
Grey River - This seal is a real showman.
Grey River to La Hun - Motoring.
Harbour Le Cou - Boys on Wharf.
Hare Bay - Anchored at Dollard Brook.
Hare Bay - Fog left Behind.
Hare Bay - Getting Close to Entrance.
Hare Bay - Looking toward Morgans Arm.
Hare Bay - opening Up.
Hare Bay - Tom and Lucy on Foredeck.
Hare Bay Approach - Lots of water from Rain.
Hare Bay Approach - See the entrance.
La Hune - Beneteau 523 Anchored.
La Hune - Boat and Thomas in Water.
La Hune - Boulder and Flem.
La Hune - Calamity at Anchour.
La Hune - Calm but Fog Ahead.
La Hune - Cocktails and Fishing.
La Hune - Deep in Bed.
La Hune - Deep up Calm Arm.
La Hune - Dropping a Hook.
La Hune - Fog Ahead.
La Hune - Fog lurking over Deadmans.
La Hune - Going up the Bay.
La Hune - Head of the River.
La Hune - Heading for the Fog Bank.
La Hune - Kids on Beach with Boat.
La Hune - Kids on Dinghy.
La Hune - Looking Back on Deadmans.
La Hune - Looking Out.
La Hune - Lucy and Thomas in River.
La Hune - Motoring Up Arm.
La Hune - Old Town Site.
La Hune - Rock Wall.G
La Hune - Thomas on Bow.JPG
La Hune - Wind on Nose Motoring Out.JPG
Miquelon - Foggy Night by Church.jpg
Miquelon - More French than the French.jpg
Miquelon - No one at Customs.jpg
Miquelon to Fortune - Look Ma, No Hands.jpg
Morgans Falls - CM.JPG
PaB - Atlantic Vision.jpg
PaB - Drying Out.JPG
PaB - Flem Surveying Harbour.JPG
PaB to Ingonsih - David at Helm.JPG
Pab-Rose Blanche - Looking Back at end of Codroy Valey.JPG
Pellier Island - Calamity at Anchour.jpg
Ramea - Approaching Main Harbour.
Ramea - Community from Channel.
Ramea - Entering West Channel.
RB to Grand Bruit - Low Fog Hanging.
RB-Todd's Fishing Boat.
Rose Blanche - Drying Fish.
Rose Blanche - From Dinghy looking into Middle Arm.
Rose Blanche - Looking across to Harbour.
Rose Blanche - Old Light House from Water.
Rose Blanche - Outside looking at Light House.
St. Piere to Fortune - Between Miquelon and St. Pierre.
St. Pierre - Departing Under Clear Skies.
St. Pierre - Fleet Leaving for Day Race.
St. Pierre - French Cars and Small Streets.
St. Pierre to Fortune - Mum and Dad.
St.Pierre to Fortune - Lucy at the Helm.
Sydney - Stocking Up.
Francois - Cookie Walking Home.JPG
Fortune to Hare Bay - Cockpit Card Game.
Fortune to Hare Bay - Not that warm!
Francois - Boats at Floating Wharf.
Francois - Dinner.JPG
Francois - Entering Harbour.
Francois - Headless Shark.
Francois - Mike walking home with a Halibut.
GB - Lucy on Foredeck - Dinghy.JPG
GB - Red House locked up for good!
GB - Thomas on Fishing Stage.
GB to Burgeo - Mike at Wheel.
GB-David and Thomas Crossing Causeway.
GB to Burgeo - Skipper looking for BB Service.
Grey River - Alf and Mike at Stern with Dinghy.
Grey River - Alf scoring Card Game.
GB-Thomas and David Fishing in Harbour.
Hare Bay - Tom and Lucy point out rock wall ahead.
La Hune - Cool Swim and Warm Shower.
Grey River - Mark on Bow.
La Hune - the boys walking up the rocks.
La Hune - Lucy.
Miqeleon to Fortune - Marks says fog - what fog?
Miquelon - Charles de Gaule Airport for 600 people!
Morgan Falls - Lucy.
Morgan Falls - Thomas is wondering if this is a good idea?
Morgans Falls - Lucy looking down as water rushes past!
Pab - Loading the Pick-up to go home to the Mags.
RB- Thomas Crosseyed.
St. Pierre - French Missle Pointed at Canada!
St. Pierre to Fortune - Thomas and CM.