2009 – Prescott to Quebec City

Calamity was launched in Prescott a week before departure to the east coast. When the boat splashed down, a leak was discovered around the head seacocks valve. Calamity retraced her steps up to the parking lot – and a frantic repair was made in order to relaunch and start a Dads (Gray Collette, Mark Newman and me- David Baird) and the Daughters (Chloe, Emma and Lucy) plus Tom! We left Prescott and immediate entered the eastbound locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway towards Montreal. Five days later, we arrived in the beautiful old port of Quebec City.

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Rise and shine, Dr. Petzel is ready to head east.
Skipper is slow to crawl out of bed.
Leaving the yard at Iroquois on the trip to the Bras D'Or Lakes.
Inching out of Iroquois on the first morning.
Crew gathers on the deck for safety briefing
Crew on deck heading for the locks.
Skipper heading down river with Navigator double checking charts and Tom looking for buoys.
Lucy's ready for the big trip down River.
Gray show skepticism over the channel leaving in Iroquois.
Gray making breakfast underway.
Deep, very deep in a lock.
Skipper wait impatiently for the doors to open.
Open waters ahead following Invicta of Halifax.
Newman looking like a rockstar with the soul patch and shades.
The rides on the site of Ile Sainte-Helene.
Newman remains calm under all circumstances.
Crew in the canal above Montreal.
Cruising along the ditch towards the locks.
Skipper drinking morning coffee leaving Lac St. Louis.
Forward crew secures the bow line in a lock.
All hands on deck to keep Calamity off the wall.
Ice cream for a hungry crew.
Don't try this at home!
Girl power about to be unleashed on Montreal.
Well, sometimes you need to rest between the fun.
Chloe greets the Man of Gold.
Emma taking in the sunset in Montreal.
Father and Son head into the old Port of Montreal.
Boys relaxing in the sun as we head further Northeast.
Calamity ready to go east with extra diesel jerry cans and the dinghy on deck.
Gray is ready for a sunny but cool day on the water.
Lucy hanging onto the furled genoa.
Lucy looking back at a railway bridge above Montreal.
Mr. Sleepy Head.
Slumber party in Cabin 2.
The fun never stops...
What the hell are they saying?
Work, sleep, work-sleep...it is all Tom does!
Another morning on the river heading further and colder northeast.
Tom wants to hit the water from Royal St. Lawrence YC.
Riding a gun near the Chateau Frontenac.
Siblings - you think?
Chloe before cannonballing across the river in Quebec...
Concert finale...
Crazy acrobatics!
Free Cirque de Soliel concert in the underpasses of Quebec City.
Girls in Quebec City.
Last night in Quebec City before heading out the river.
Three Daughters playing in Quebec City.
Tom passed out at the concert - sleeping on a soft bed of gravel.
Emma waits for a snack at the cockpit table.
Hardened crew get ready to dock in old Port of Quebec.
Lucy eats breakfast at the locks waiting for our turn to enter.
Spellbound by a movie...
Tom wakes up to help plan the next leg out the St. Lawrence.
Wild-eyed crew.
Young Tom and the Golden Man in Montreal.