Rockstar hooks a mooring buoy!


We had to whip into Mykonos Ormos South Bay for a quick Skype chat…we had to drop 100m of chain to stop dragging out the harbour between the mega-yachts. The MY Rockstar was not so lucky…they dragged into a mooring buoy and became entangled. On the bright side…fitting of the boat’s name – someone pulled out a guitar and entertained the guests for an hour while the divers untangled their anchor.

Protected by the Greek Navy!

We had a fast ride from Patmos to Amorgos – but we went through the washing machine from the end of Amorgos until we entered the main port. The backwash of the waves from the last few weeks of northerly winds made for some serious rock and roll for the last hour. The town wharf was very protected – and a Greek warship ducked under the headland (probably to avoid the swell) for the night.IMG-20130719-00244