Cartys – Mykonos to Lavrion

The Carty-LaTraverse clan arrived Mykonos on the HighSpeed Four from Athens on August 2nd…and literally helped the Smiths off the boat so they could hop a taxi to the Airport for a flight to London. The wind continued to howl so we spent a last night in Mykonos before heading to Syros, Kythnos and ending on August 10th in Lavrion.

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Carolyn and Val - Staying Up All Night
Val and Zoe go by Dinghy
Wind is coming up again...
Burnt Hills of Syros
Wild Eyed Skipper in Mykonos.
Anchored Off Vari on Syros
Looking for Luxury?
Sailing in Flat Water
Canadian, Eh?
Zoe - Master and Commander
Conference on Foredeck
South Coast of Syros
Val and Owen at Anchour
Anthony Cartiopoulos
Calimari, Calimari...
Pass up an Alpha!
Looks like a dory!
This Med Mooring in MADNESS
Val looking cool in Finikas on Syros.
Funky chairs - arty photo.
Waiting for the bus to town...
Owen - looking cool on Syros...
Big wind and waves breaking near Ermoupolis.
Lucy, Tom and Owen hanging out in town.
Town hall in Ermoupolis.
View of harbour from main square in Ermoupolis.
Captain Canada.
Streets of Ermoupolis.
Anarchy - in Greece?
More greek than the greeks...
Val steps off for a swim to the beach.
Val and Felix in town square.
Like father, like son.
Beautiful sunset at double beach.
Val and her boys.
Zoe and Tom
Octo[ in kythnos
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