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Coral below Christmas Island.
Fueling up in Gocek.
Garbage Drop....jpg
Looks like a big boat ahead...
Love the Efes Beer!
Lucy and Alex looking out for dolphins in Gocek Bay.
Moored to the rocks by Christmas Island.
On Gocek Municipal Dock - Home away from home!
Parks Canada would kill for one site like this one...
Post Lunch Discussion.
Skipper leaving Marmaris.
Steaming up Gocek Bay - 11AM Beer.
That looks like a long email...
Water Temperature - 30C.
Bodrum Market by Bus Station.
Carolyn and Alex captain Coral up Gocek Bay.
Another beautiful day in SW Turkey.
Carolyn and Alex captain Coral up Gocek Bay.
Dinner at Kebab Hospital.
Gordon's Gin Girl...
Big travel-lift for BIG BOATS.
Carolyn and Tom between India and Juliet docks at Marmaris.
Carolyn looking tanned after hot days in Marmaris packing up!
Coral on the hard after a couple of days cleaning before we leave.
Coral-On the Hard-Marmaris (Dec 2012).
Looks like we made it - two months without a major incident!.JPG
Lucy - looking south off beach at Marmaris at the start of the summer.
Lucy and Tom at the start of the trip - looking white on the docks at Marmaris.
Lucy and Tom dream of a bigger boat.
Lucy enjoying the lounges on the route home.
Skipper Almost Home.
Lucy relaxing on the last nautical mile to Marmaris.
Parked in Marmaris Yacht Marine to pack up for trip home.
Skipper leaving Marmaris on the first day of 2012 Summer Cruise!
Skipper looks brown and baked.
Tom takes the wheel as we head into Marmaris on last day afloat.
Dad looking ready for a lunchtime Efes.
Leaving a beach behind as we head for an anchorage.
Lost in cruise ship docks checking out to Turkey.
Sailing along the SW Coast of Turkey.
Saving the Gordon Gin Girls from a life adrift...
The Boulevard in Bodrum around the harbour.
Tom on the taverna deck at Knidos.
Busy anchorage at the head of Gocek Bay in July 2012.jpg
Looking at the ampitheatre at Euphesus..jpg
Sundowners in Gocek Bay....jpg
Waiting for customs to stamp our forms in Kusadasi Cruise Ship Terminal..jpg