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Bus to Chora
Calamari Express!
Calm in Ermoupolis, Syros
Coral moored in Serifos
Fancy shirt, Mr. Smithopolous
Ferry from New Port to Old Port on Mykonos
Gordon's Gin Girl
Happy Birthday!
Happy Hour at Anchour on Rinia
Heather waits patiently for cocktail in Vathi, Sifnos
I hope I never see another bb again....
In the Chora on Serifos
Just who is teaching who to dive...
Long Way Up to Chora
MacBairds in Serifos
Maybe a nice afternoon swim...
Mykonos - where everyone stays up late!
Red at Night, Sailor's Delight in Rinia.
Selfie on the Bus to Chora with Tom
Show us your Butterfly!
Smith Backhouses in Serifos.JPG
Swim Swim Swim!.JPG
Twisty Roads up to Chora.JPG
Windy on top of Serifos.JPG