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David steers out of Quebec City heading NE out the St. Lawrence.
Calamity on the guest dock at Cap L'Aigle - Harbour of Refuge!
Chatting on the dock at Cap L'aigle.
Looking at Cap L'aigle as we head out and down river.
Lucy in the sunny cockpit befo
Charleoix Lighthouse Close up.jpg
Charlevoix Lighthouse.
A water view up to the Charlevoix Region.
Le Massif looks steep even when green!
Saguenay Light Platform.
Saguenay River in Distance.
Ship passing as we sail to Taboussac.
Skipper, Lucy and Tom in Tadoussac..jpg
Tadoussac Harbour.jpg
Thomas in Tad.jpg
Walking the beach in Tadoussac..jpg
Wicked Currents Saguenay.jpg
L&T Making Faces.jpg
Looking for Belugas.jpg
So close you could touch them.jpg
Spotted a beluga!.jpg
The amazing belugas and Tom in the St. Lawrence River..jpg
David sailing out the St. Lawrence - Toque Mandatory!.jpg
Lucy of Gaspe in St. L.jpg
Thomas get lego for his birthday!.jpg
Thomas in Hat.jpg
Thomas locked out in the cockpit as we use plexiglass to keep the heat inside!.jpg
We always thought this was what everyone wore summer sailing.jpg
Calamity - Cruising Mode, Grande Riviere, QC.jpg
CM in cockpit with a bottle of wine..jpg
Just passing around the end of Gaspe at Forillion National Park..jpg
Looking back at West Point, PEI.jpg
Lucy under Dodger.jpg
Perce Rock.jpg
Closing in on the Confederation Bridge between PEI and New Brunswick..jpg
Distance View of Confed Bridge.jpg
Early Morning of Escuminac, New Brunswick.jpg
Just Arriving at Confed Bridge.jpg
Just passing around the end of Gaspe at Forillion National Park..jpg
Just Past Confed Bridge.jpg
Looking back at West Point, PEI.jpg
Off West Point on PEI and entering the Northumberland Straits..jpg