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Vathy, Kalymnos – Anchors and Chains!

A boat in the small harbour of Vathy dragged their anchor in the dark at 10pm – then snagged someone’s chain in an attempt to reset. In the maritime tradition, I got into the dinghy to help them. This is a bit unusual – most Med cruisers like to stand on their bows and shout insults and orders at people having trouble. Anyway, this particular good deed went a bit sideways. In the darkness and the gusty wind, the boats anchor gored the pontoon of our dinghy…I believe I only gritted my teeth as the air whooshed out of the bow of the boat (although I can’t say for sure)! In the end, I untangled the anchor and helped them reset. Next day, we found some inflatable glue – and the hole was patched…holding well after 48 hours!


We departed Kos with the Weiders and Rectors. The Rectors left us for an on-shore call with the Hemphills in Mirties (on the west side of Kalymnos) and we have spent the last four days cruising north with the Weiders. Just outside of Vathy, Kalymnos, we spotted this amazing beach between the rocks…we backed Coral in for a most amazing lunch and swim in a location worthy of a movie-set.IMG-20130712-00219

Exiting Turkey

After Datca, we went to Knidos…unfortunately the Gordon Girls were not there! Much disappointment shared by all the crew. Photo from last year!
We sailed around to Bozborum. we had a sweet anchorage but a late afternoon arrival of a Gulet that parked just a bit too close was a tad annoying. We headed to Bodrum for our last night in Turkey with the Rectors. It was hot but no where close to as hot as last summer. Due to some errors made leaving Marmaris (99% by me), we did not have the correct stamps to leave Bodrum so to exit Turkey – I had a quick 2 hour drive down the coast for a stamp. I could give you a full diatribe on how the modern age of faxes and emails could have saved me a lot of driving – but suffice to say…everything was put in order and we departed for Kos, Greece (all 8 n.miles away) and a rendezvous with the Hemphills and Weiders!

Sunrise in Datca

We arrived in Marmaris on July 3rd…all was in order except the refrigeration gas had leaked out. We got refilled on July 4th and just anchoured off a resort beach in the Marmaris Bay. We stopped next at Serce Limani – a quiet cove – after a long and very windy beat for 20 miles up the straight between Marmaris Peninsula and Rhodes. Next, we headed to Datca…anchouring off the main town beacIMG-20130708-00214h. The photo at sunrise looking East of two Jeanneaus anchoured outside us.

Amazing Lunch in Istanbul

We had a simple but amazing lunch in the industrial district down the hill from the Grand Bazaar. IMG-20130702-00209
The tasty concoction started with stewed tomatos and peppers with a local hot pepper spice and a dollup of a cream cheese – then shredded meat and cheese added with an egg on top – served with unlimited fresh bread – absolutely outstanding. It was so good – we went back for dinner two days later!

Reporting from Taksim Square

Reporting from Taksim Square

Reporting from Taksim Square

Taksim Square was quiet…lots of infrastructure being repaired but little sign of protests…although the riot police were standing by! We walked down the hill to an amazing small restaurant (Antiochia) that Geoff found reviewed on the NY Times Travel Section. An adventure getting there – but it was delicious (and in a nice part of town near fancy hotels in Beyoglu). The kids were tucking into the spicy food from the SE part of the country near the Syrian border.

Arrived Istanbul!

Crew in Grand Bazaar

Crew in Grand Bazaar

We have arrived in Istanbul and we are having a fantastic time! The weather is surprisingly cool…today’s temperature is only 21C with occasional rain shower and sunny break…it is certainly not swelteringly hot. That said, it sure great temperature to go sightseeing. Picture is of the Rector-Logans and MacBairds in the Grand Bazaar!

Summer Plans

We have less than three weeks before we depart on June 27th!  Everything is falling into place for an action packed summer.  We fly to Istanbul from Boston with the Rectors for 4 nights touring the great city before flying to Dalaman to begin the summer cruise. Our plan will be to explore the bays around Datca and Bodrum peninsulas in South West Turkey before crossing into the Greek islands to connect with the Weiders and Hemphills on July 10th.  Over the following 8 days, we will explore the northern Dodecanese islands of Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi, Arki and Patmos.  After bidding goodbye to the Rectors (heading to Samos) and the Weiders (heading home) – we will slide across the Aegean through Amorgos and the small Cyclades to Naxos where the Hemphills will head to Athens on July 23rd.  The Smiths will arrive from Santorini on July 24th – and we will make our way west and north to Mykonos.  On August 2nd, the Carty clan will arrive in Mykonos and we will head west.  We still need to set a meeting spot for Bernie and Mikka on August 10th – knowing we will pick up Mum and Dad Baird near Athens on August 15th.  We have a final 11 days to slide across the Aegean Sea to Rhodes for August 26th before heading up the 20 n.miles back to Marmaris to haul out and fly home on August 29th.


Aegean Sea Map

It seems short when you write it down!