Monthly Archives: July 2013

Protected by the Greek Navy!

We had a fast ride from Patmos to Amorgos – but we went through the washing machine from the end of Amorgos until we entered the main port. The backwash of the waves from the last few weeks of northerly winds made for some serious rock and roll for the last hour. The town wharf was very protected – and a Greek warship ducked under the headland (probably to avoid the swell) for the night.IMG-20130719-00244

Vathy, Kalymnos – Anchors and Chains!

A boat in the small harbour of Vathy dragged their anchor in the dark at 10pm – then snagged someone’s chain in an attempt to reset. In the maritime tradition, I got into the dinghy to help them. This is a bit unusual – most Med cruisers like to stand on their bows and shout insults and orders at people having trouble. Anyway, this particular good deed went a bit sideways. In the darkness and the gusty wind, the boats anchor gored the pontoon of our dinghy…I believe I only gritted my teeth as the air whooshed out of the bow of the boat (although I can’t say for sure)! In the end, I untangled the anchor and helped them reset. Next day, we found some inflatable glue – and the hole was patched…holding well after 48 hours!


We departed Kos with the Weiders and Rectors. The Rectors left us for an on-shore call with the Hemphills in Mirties (on the west side of Kalymnos) and we have spent the last four days cruising north with the Weiders. Just outside of Vathy, Kalymnos, we spotted this amazing beach between the rocks…we backed Coral in for a most amazing lunch and swim in a location worthy of a movie-set.IMG-20130712-00219